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Contract- when i agreed to babysit Vera for Stephanie i agreed to work from 6pm to 2am. Now i am working from when ever i get over to the house prettty much to at least 4am this is not what i agreed to. I understand that she does not get off work until like 2-2:30 am and doesn't have a car, but when we first agreed she was getting home a lot sooner then she is now.

House- Now i understand that when i'm babysitting i'm suppost to clean up after Vera and myself, but i'm not going to clean up after stephanies' mess that is not my responsibility.

Life- Today i wanted to see a movie with a friend, because i hardly do anything on the weekends mainly cause i'm babysitting. so i decided to go to the movies and i had it planned out to where i would get back to the house around 6pm because thats what time stephanie usually leaves for work, and the time when i start babysitting. well on my way home, she calls me and tells me that she has to be to work in 8 minutes. well this is a surprize to me because saterday she told me she wouldn't have to be to work until 7. Also friday night when i came over to babysit i saw her time card and for all the days that she was working it said she didn't work until 9pm. when i got home. oh and because i supposedly wasn't here when i was suppost to be she called my mother to try and get me in trouble. When i got Home Anthony also told me that stephanie was yelling through the phone to danny about not being able to find another babysitter. it feels as though she is trying to make babysitting the most important part of my life and try to make it as though i have no life on the weekends except for babysitting.

No People- From my understanding none of us should have people over to our house without you knowing them. Now i am not the one to talk because i did have one misshapp thats weekend but that does not usually happen, because i normally don't do that. I don't know what you feel about stephanie having her friends over when your...

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