wrtg101 Writing Assignment 2

wrtg101 Writing Assignment 2

wrtg101 Writing Assignment 2
Writing Assignment 2 Cause-Effect Analysis

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Writing assignment #2 will be an essay in which you analyze either causes or effects. You have two choices for this essay, both of which are very wide open. For both choices, you are required to integrate two sources into your essay to support your argument.


Analyze the effects of a particular trend in educational technology.

Our discussions in the class up to this point might be helpful for you as you consider ideas for this topic.

You might analyze any one of the following. These are just examples. Many approaches are possible for this topic.

a. The potential effects of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in higher education. You might focus on a particular field of study for this choice.
b. The effects of online courses on education. You might focus on a particular field of study for this choice.
c. The effects of using digital media in online courses
d. The effects of computer use in writing courses or courses in other disciplines
e. The effects of certain forms of technology on reading skills or reading habits
f. The potential effects of video games being introduced into schools and used to help educate students

You must use at least two sources to support your points in this essay. You will cite your sources in APA style, using both in-text citations and a “References” page at the end of the essay.

Some interesting articles that might give you ideas for this essay, and that you could use for one or two of your sources, are the following:

• Clive Thompson, “The New Literacy”

• Cynthia Haven, “The New Literacy: Stanford study finds richness and complexity in students' writing“

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