Great Expectations
Reading Guide: Stage 2

Answer the following questions thoughtfully and be prepared to discuss in class.
Chapter 20
1. Describe Mr. Jaggers’ room. From this description, what inference can you make about his character? Mr. Jaggers has a room filled with boxes and papers. His people stand opposite to him. It makes Mr. Jaggers seem very formal and important.
2. Describe Pip’s short venture into the city. What sort of place is it? Pip thought that London was dirty and filthy.
3. Note Mr. Jaggers’ encounter with his clients and personnel. What can you infer about his personality? He only does his job and nothing more.
4. Who is Wemmick? One of Jaggers’ workers.
5. Write a paragraph summary of the plot. Pip goes to London with great expectations and meets Jaggers and Wemmick.

Chapter 21
1. Describe Wemmick. Short, thin, emotionless.
2. Describe Barnard’s Inn, Pip’s new home. It was old and not very well kept.
3. what is Pip’s impression of London? He thinks that it is horrible.
4. Who is young Mr. Pocket? Mr. Pocket’s son.
5. Write a paragraph summary of the plot. Pip meets Herbert, his tutor’s son and recognizes him from Ms. Havisham’s house.

Chapter 22
1. Why did Herbert visit Miss Havisham? He wanted to see Estella.
2. What does Herbert think of Estella?
3. Describe Herbert and what Pip thinks of him. Pip thinks Herbert is a happy and upbeat person.
4. what nickname does Herbert ascribe to Pip? Handel.
5. Briefly tell the story of Miss Havisham’s life.
6. note the quote from Herbert’s father on p. 179 about varnish and wood. What does this mean and how can it be applied to Pip?
7. What are Herbert’s aspirations? What do these say about him? What is his actual job?
8. Describe Pip’s first impression of Herbert’s family.
9. Write a paragraph summary of the plot.

Chapter 23
1. Who are Pip’s new schoolmates?  Drummle and Startop
2. Noting the interchange...