Wutherin Heights

Wutherin Heights

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Hamlet Essay

The purpose of revenge is to kill the person who causes other people’s deaths in order to keep the morality in the society. However, in the play Hamlet, Shakespeare illustrates that revenge is the origin of tragedies and chaos, which are is ironic to the original aim of revenge. Hamlet wants to use revenge to bring order to his world, but on his way to kill Claudius, who poisoned his father, he causes everything to end up in chaos. He causes surrounding people who are harmless to die, he destroys the love between Ophelia and himself and ruins his lover,and he reverses his own moral world.

First of all, the initial intention of Hamlet’s revenge is to kill the murderer of his father, Claudius; however, when he carries out his plan of revenge step by step, he kills surrounding people who are unrelated to the revenge one by one. The first person who is irrelevant to the revenge but whom Hamlet kills by mistake is Polonius. Polonius is a loyal chancellor the king, but he does not know about the murder of the old king at all. He acts under the new king’s order to eavesdrop on the conversation between Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude, to find out Hamlet’s real purpose in showing the play, which causes the king’s rage. However, Hamlet discovers that there is someone hiding behind the curtain when he talks with his mother, Gertrude. Hamlet thinks that it must be the king who hides. “Nay, I know not is it the king?” (Act3, Scene4, line29). The passion of revenge controls his mind and makes him stab the person from the back without seeing whom he actually stabs. Consequently, Hamlet’s passion causes a harmless person to die under the sword of revenge. Although Hamlet does not like Polonius, he would not intentionally to kill Polonius since Polonius is the father of his lover. The result of taking revenge actually causes more chaos, which he does not want. Later in the play, more people’s deaths are caused indirectly by the revenge. Hamlet’s mother...

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