Why did war break out in Europe in 1914?

In 1914 the Great War broke out because of many problems between countries in Europe.

It might not have been so ‘great' if the alliance system had not been formed. This involved six countries. The first group was formed in 1879 when Germany had problems with Russia. Austria then promised Germany they would help her in war; then three years later Italy joined them they were known as the Triple Alliance.

Russia and France were troubled by this they said they would help each other if either were attacked. This began to worry Britain because she had no allies. In 1904 she signed an agreement with France but then another three years later signed a similar one with Russia. The Alliance consisting of Britain, France and Russia was called the Triple Entrete.

The Alliance system made countries feel safe from attack. They had all had many reasons to go to war. Germany wanted to build up their empire, this is known as Imperialism. However Britain owned a quarter of the land in the world. Britain also had the biggest navy. Which meant Germany was in a race to build up her armed forces, this is known as Militarism. France's reasons for going to war was pretty simple, they wanted revenge and get back the land which Germany had previously taken after an old battle.

Further in the west Austria-Hungary and Russia were fighting over a piece of land called the ‘Balkans'. Both countries were made up of many nationalities including Slav people. Serbia was trying to get all the Slavs under her rule. Austria-Hungary was worried that some of her people would join Serbia. However Russia agreed with Serbia; Serbia was a powerful country and made a good ally. This created problems between Austria-Hungary and Russia.

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the son of Joseph the Emperor of Austria-Hungary. He was married...

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