Xbis 219 Ebay Auction

Xbis 219 Ebay Auction

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XBIS 219

EBay is an online auction site. It is designed for mainly C2C, but over the years it has grown extensively into not only C2C, but B2C and B2B as well. There are two positions that you could be in, a buyer or a seller. EBay hosts forward auctions. This means that there is a seller that is offering a product, and buyers who are willing to bid on this product.
Becoming a seller isn’t really that difficult. First, you must join by signing up for the site. The next step is to make sure you read and understand the policies and agreements. Once you have completed those actions, you are ready to become an eBay seller. There are different categories in which you are able to post in. You should be familiar with your products so you know where to post them in to have the best success rate.
If you are a buyer, then you should know that the auction site works in a few different ways. First, you can take part in a “Buy it Now” auction, which is the first person to pay what the seller is asking and then that particular auction is over. The other type is your typical auction. A product is set to start at a certain bid for a set length of time, and in the end, the highest bidder wins. Once the bidding has concluded the seller ships your item to you. It is recommended that you leave feedback about your transaction whether you are the buyer or the seller. This is how members get a sense of comfort and reliability about the individuals they are doing business with.
I would be willing to use eBay to start an e-tail business. I would need to start off with fewer than 50 insertions a month, to help keep the operating costs down, because the first 50 insertions are free to post.


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