XC I hydrocyclone manufacturer Xinhai

XC I hydrocyclone manufacturer Xinhai

XC I hydrocyclone is developed by Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. with a world-leading level. It is mainly used for classification, concentration and dehydration. And it has features of high classification efficiency(80%-90%), large production capacity and small floor space. With simple structure and no moving parts, hydrocycloneis outstanding in classification machineries.

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XCⅡ hydrocyclone is a hydrocyclone designed by Yantai Xinhai company with a world-leading level. With involute feeding opening, it enhances the centrifugal force of materials, which improves classification effects and greatly reduces the abrasion. Because of reasonable ratio of volume and cone and insertion depth, it has higher classification and is especially suitable for classification and dehydration.
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XCIII hydrocyclone is one of hydrocyclones developed by Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company. With professional design theory of CFD model and 3-D model analysis system, it is a hydrocyclone with a world-leading level. 10°,15°and 20°is available for the cone body of Xinhai XCIII hydrocyclone .
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Xinhai XCIV hydrocyclone is an advanced machinery with a world-leading level. All components after pulp are made of Xinhai abrasion resistant rubbers. With a reasonable structure size, a tightening sleeve is equipped to precisely adjust the length of spigot. It is especially suitable for classification and dehydration of fine particles with simple operation and little flocculation.
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