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Marketing Report
Tom Marley
Business Studies

Business Idea.

Generation of Idea

• Personal Passion for Golf.
• Growing Market.
• Recent trip to America triggered thought that there is an opportunity in the market for high tech driving range.
• Hunch that American style driving range could work in the U.K market.

I am planning to set up a high tech driving range in the Chester area, it will be a fun point scoring game which would appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike and players of all ages will find this exciting. I will call the company XGolf. XGolf will be a state of the art practice facility and also an exciting leisure activity which will appeal to non golfers as well.

It will be “real” Golf set in a driving range format, this way people will be able to see the flight and true accuracy of their shots rather than relying on virtual readings, like in similar ideas that are not always accurate. The game will involve players aiming to score as many points as possible by hitting high quality golf balls into a number of targets on a ten acre outfield. After each shot played the exact distance the ball has traveled and the points score you have achieved will be relayed onto screens in personal bays
This type of exciting, state of the art facility has only recently been made available by the development of tiny, tiny weighted micro chips which go inside each ball allowing scores to be recorded and displayed in a game format.

I feel there is a high demand for such a facility in the area and feel there is a market for the service. Different to other driving ranges this will allow non golfers as well as golfers to enjoy the experience as a high level of skill is not required too have a great experience.

I feel that this type of facility could really appeal to a high proportion of the market and could soon become an alternative to other fun leisure activities such as Bowling, Swimming, Cinema etc. as any one, any age can enjoy...