John Mcquade was a smart young man, well teenager. Only 14 he had a

curiosity about his surroundings that astonished him, and always has to be the one to

figure out how something worked. whether it’s the Atari he disassembled when he was

five, or the vacuum cleaner he put together before anyone knew. His parents were quite

surprised though, and they did, however, think it was broken they find that the safety had

to be taken off the start button.

Late one night in his kitchen, Maquade made a remote control boat out

of a plastic soda bottle and the innards of a remote control race car. As he was looking for

something to cut the bottle in half, he looked in the top drawer of his silverware cabinet.

He managed to find a sharp serrated knife. Holding the bottom of the bottle he poked the

knife into the top facing downward, angling the knife to about forty-five degrees getting

closer and closer to his hand. The friction of the bottle seemed like butter. Before he

knew it, blood was flowing steadily from the tip of his middle finger.

His dad soon came into the kitchen, At that time John had his fist clenched,

running it under warm water to wash the blood away. His dad hadn’t said a thing until he

opened his hand. Then it came out, “E.R! We have to go to the emergency room, let’s go.

John didn’t know what to think as he was too busy trying to keep his finger from

bleeding. John‘s ride to the hospital was agonizing, never has he had a cut this deep he

feels his finger throb with every heart beat. Arriving to the hospital his father filled out

the information while he was waiting in the emergency room.

As the doctor came in, he unwrapped the bandage, took a quick look and

walked over to retrieve some cleaning supplies to wash the wound. The doctor started

spraying water into it to...