Xyz Corporation Orientation

Xyz Corporation Orientation

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XYZ Corporation Orientation
Kathryn Buchko
BUS3041:  Managerial Communications
December 3, 2013
 Dr. Jill Young

XYZ Corporation Orientation
Audience Analysis
The primary audience is twenty new hires with approximately twelve of those being
women. Fifteen new hires have never been a part of the corporate world and five of those have
never been a part of the workforce at all. They are of all ages and many different cultures and
backgrounds. The audience will want information about the company and what they will
be doing. They need to know what the company expects from them and how they can meet those
expectations. I will need to make sure that the audience members with disabilities are
comfortable but do not feel as though I am singling them out. I need to ensure that the entire
audience is able to hear me and can effectively see the material I present in my presentation.
My handouts should consist of:
* Employee handbook
* Employee tax forms
* Gas cards
* Worksheets about the operating system
* Proper time clock procedures
* Handouts about the use of company email
* Company policies about the diversity of the company and what can be expected if there is any form of discrimination or harassment reported.
* Company reporting procedures.
Audience views
The audience will feel as though they have space but still be close enough to one another
that they can communicate with everyone in the room. The room will remain closed up so that
there is no outside distraction or noise to interfere with their concentration. The meeting will last
most of the day so there should be drinks available and breaks should be frequent so the audience
does not become bored. I will use a power point as well as the handouts and the computers for
hands on demonstrations.

. Seating Arrangement

Hearing Impaired...

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