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Real Estate Set to Close Script

Hello (Client Name)? Good (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) this is (rep Name) With the Business Development Division of (lead Type) I’m calling because you recently attended a (Lead Type) seminar where we spoke and extended an exclusive offer for a FREE LLC. We are calling today to complete your corporate documents.

(Client Name) I do have most of your information on file I just need to verify a few details and I will immediately forward this to my legal department. The legal department will draft and send your documents via email immediately.

(Verify Information for LLC)

Ok (Client Name) I have the information I need I will immediately forward this to legal and have your documents prepared.

I will also be scheduling you for a free consultation with one of our Real Estate Funding Specialists that will explain how you can access hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in Real Estate Investment Funding through Corporate Credit.

With the current state of the economy, lending guidelines constantly tightening and interest rates sky rocketing We’ve found that many Real Estate Investors are having a difficult time accessing the capital necessary to fund their business.

Real Estate Investing is one of the most lucrative business ventures in the world and with the current state of the housing market and constant foreclosures arising there has never been a better time to get started. Of course if you do not have access to the capital needed to purchase properties, cover rehab costs on flip properties, cover closing costs, etc. this means nothing.

(Client Name) We have programs in place that can allow Real Estate Investors to access large amounts of funding in a short period of time so they can take advantage of the current investing market.

What I will need to do is gather a little more information from you and I will set you up with a Funding agent to see what type of program you might qualify for. If you do...

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