Yay Chemistry

Yay Chemistry

Chemical Reactions

Shannon Gemmell
Period C
September 26, 2009
Hilary Sunderland, Robert Waddell

Purpose: To determine all evidence of a chemical reaction when aluminum foil is added to a copper (II) chloride aqueous solution.

- Goggle’s
- 250-ml beaker
- Plastic stirring rod
- Celsius thermometer
- Graduated cylinder
- Copper (II) chloride solid
- Clock
- 8x8 cm piece of aluminum foil
- Waste container

1. Please get into groups of three, and put on goggles.
2. Obtain a 250-ml beaker, a plastic stirring rod, & a Celsius thermometer.
3. Use a graduated cylinder to put 50.0 ml of water in the 250-ml beaker.
4. The teacher will come around with a teaspoonful of copper (II) chloride solid.
5. Record any observations. ( Caution: Copper (II) chloride is a severe skin irritant! If you get and on you, alert your teacher and wash with soap and water immediately!)
6. The teacher will put the copper (II) chloride solid in the water - then you should stir it with the stirring rod until it is completely dissolved. Record any observations.
7. Use the thermometer to take and record the initial temperature (at time 0) of the copper (II) chloride aqueous solution.
8. The teacher will then give you a 8x8 cm piece of aluminum foil. You should take it and “crumple” it just enough so that it will fit into the beaker.
9. Place it in the solution and record any observations. ( Caution: Look at the reaction from the side - DO NOT look at it from above!)
10. Record the temperature of the solution every minute for 7 minutes. (Occasionally stir the solution with the stirring rod - NEVER the thermometer!)
11. When the reaction is completely finished - record any final observations.
12. Carefully pour the liquid down the drain and put the remaining solid in the labeled waste container.
13. Clean up your station and then wash your hands.


1. Observations:
- Copper is brown.
- Copper turned form brown to...

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