Yay Me

Yay Me

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 Batman getting the new suit to protect him better.
 Batman bringing the bat mobile to help stop the thugs.
 The man in the holding cell who tried to beat up the joker.
 The people dressing up as batman.

 Batman not killing the Joker when he had the chance.
 The citizens of Gotham deciding not to blow each other up.
 Batman beating up the Joker in the holding cell
 Harvey killing the people after he became two-face.

 People pretending to be batman.
 The man in the bank with the shotgun standing up to the crooks.
 Batman did not turn himself in, and let more people die.
 People on the boats not pressing the trigger to save their lives.

 Batman is insuring the peoples rights when he is fighting the joker.
 Harvey putting away all the mobsters in one trial.
 The Joker thinks it’s just if they don’t blow up the other boat.
 Harvey killing people in spite of the loss of Rachel.

 The Joker killing all the people he said he would kill.
 Batman stopping all the bad people in his way, including the joker.
 The Joker telling the story of how he got his scar.
 Harvey at first being good, then turning into two-face.

 Fox Not using the sonar machine for evil.
 The Joker never changing and always having the makeup.
 Batman and Bruce being the same people.
 Harvey changing into two-face after the death of Rachel.

 Batman realizes the sorrows of all the citizens and he helps them.
 Harvey knowing what it feels like to loose someone special.
 Joker killing people and he knows what loosing someone feels like
 Harvey knew what it felt like when he was about to kill Gordon’s family and Gordon felt the same

 Bruce is open when he is willing to turn himself in
 The fat guy in the cell is open to change when he wants to get out
 Harvey changes for the worse when Rachel died
 The two men on the boat change when they realize it...

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