My voracious curiosity led me to an unfortunate event in my life when I burnt my hand as a small child. I was in desperation for food, and my mother was preparing a delicious meal. In desperation, I climbed onto the stovetop and accidently placed my hand on the burning flames. My hand was black, riddled with blisters. Although it was heartbreaking, My unyielding optimism got me through

Flowers have always intrigued and puzzled me. Who set the standard for the appropriateness to give flowers at all types of situations, from parties and valentines day to death? It wasn’t until this year that I finally understood this traditional phenomenon. A flower represents love and virtue.

Whenever my teachers would assign me a research paper, I would always find myself indulged into something entirely different. When researching for my paper, I would suddenly research a different topic. It led from one idea to the next. I

the accumulation of these lives and stories, of every man and woman, intricately weave together to create the history of the world absolutely amazes me. I just love how anthropology and history intertwine with each other in this way to make up this fascinating study of humankind over time. I want to learn how the human race has developed from the beginning of man to now. I want to understand how factors such as culture and society have affected history. I want to know why we humans have become the way we are.

It is fascinating that through curiosity, humans have achieved incomprehensible feats such as walking on the moon, and discovering the human anatomy