Overview of knighthood
The path to knighthood is a long and arborous one; only sons of nobles that truly applied themselves could ascend the initial “page” classification into knighthood after about fourteen years of training.
Once a man did become a knight and was sworn in, he was expected to fight and serve his lord as well as uphold the laws of chivalry. Knights were renowned for their supposed bravery, courtesy, honor and gallantry toward women (in regards to the Knights of the Round Table, prominent traits were specifically honor, honesty, valor and loyalty).

As soon as baby Gawain was baptized, his parents put him in a casket and set him adrift, when a poor fisherman eventually saved him. He studied and became a knight in Rome before returning back to Camelot to be a part of Arthur’s court. When he returned to Britain, he was also reunited with his birth parents. Gawain was very well received within the court, even giving the nickname of “golden tongue”, and preformed many quests in the name of King Arthur.
In the text Mart Artu, Gawain was mortally wounded in a duel with Sir Lancelot after Lancelot’s accidental killing of Gawain’s brothers left Gawain unbelievably upset. Before he passed away, he expressed his remorse of being so bitter toward Lancelot and Lancelot forgave him. It’s said Lancelot spent two nights crying at his tomb.

Sir Gawain is King Arthur’s Nephew, his father being Lot of Orkney and his mother being either Morgause or Anna. He has three brothers, Agravain, Gaheris, Gareth and a half brother Mordred.

Important works
Gawain’s character is represented differently in the story depending upon what style it is. English styles tend to have him more at the forefront, while French depictions have him a supporting character who doesn’t overshadow the real hero of the tale. French pieces also tend to show him as an “anti-hero” or “womanizer”, while his earlier works portray him as the ideal knight which others were...

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