9826 9384 9201 5020 0088 0421 0009 Letter Expiry Date: Application Fee: Applicant's Date of Birth: 19/09/2013 £10.00 06/12/1994

Thank you for your recent online application for a 16+ Oyster photocard. As all the steps couldn't be completed online, you need to take this letter to a Post Office in London by 19/09/2013 with an original document from the list below (copies will not be accepted) and pay the £10.00 application fee. The address you provided in your application is shown above. To confirm this you need to present one of the following documents by the letter expiry date shown above. Dated in the last three months: • Residential utility bill • Bank, building society or credit card statement Current document:

• Council Tax bill • Council or Housing Association rent book or statement • Driving licence You have applied for free bus and tram travel. A member of staff from your school/college must complete the following sections to confirm that you're eligible. I confirm that the applicant named above attends harris academy at peckham and is in full time education. School/college stamp: Signature of member of staff:

DfE number or UPIN:

Please note: if the documentation you bring doesn't match the information provided in your application, or your letter has expired when you present it at the Post Office, your application will be rejected. Once you have completed your application at the Post Office, you can log into your web account for an update on its status.

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