Year Round School 1

Year Round School 1

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Argumentative Essay
Year-Round School

Traditionally, school has always run from September to June with a summer break of almost three months. Recently there has been a trend towards year round calendars, with short breaks throughout the school year and one month off in summer. With that comes a debate over which schedule is best for both children and parents. I support year round education.
Most people would agree that students need some time to relax and decompress. This allows for time to pursue individual interests, as well as spend time with family. A more balanced schedule would allow for families to choose whether they want to vacation in the summer, fall, winter or spring. In this part of the country, summers can be particularly harsh, so more time off during other seasons would be ideal.
I believe schools in a particular district need to have it one way or the

other. Parents of multiple children shouldn’t have to work with two separate calendars. A schedule that falls closer in line with parents work hours is also important.
A major concern is helping students avoid getting burnt out during the school year, and bored out of their minds during summer. Students often forget much of what they learned over the summer, so teachers are setback at the beginning of every year. According to researchers Alexander, Entwisle, and Olsen, the retention problem affected lower income student’s more than middle income students. This difference is compounded as the years go by (Ruggiero)
Some teachers support the idea of year round school, but many are opposed. A large percentage of teachers rely on summer jobs to supplement their low pay. While teachers can make some money teaching remedial classes during intersession, it can’t compare to the amount a waitress makes in the summer. Another reason is the school year is so strenuous for teachers. A retired teacher pleading his case for a summer break referred to the school...

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