Year Round Schooling

Year Round Schooling

Audience Analysis
Throughout my paper I am trying to target adults and mainly parents throughout my paper. If parents read my paper then they might come into consideration of why year round schooling may be a benefit for their children. The parents may not want to actually want to change to a year round school, but they will have the opportunity to think about the possibility of what a year round schooling system will be like. The audience will probably already know about schooling and the importance that schooling has. They will also know that they will want to have the best opportunity of schooling and they will want to have good schooling for themselves and children. They may not know how year round schooling will be difficult to happen and they may not be aware of the amount of breaks year round schooling provides. I might be in common with the audience with the idea that schooling is very important and we deserve to have good schooling systems. The audience should trust what I am staying in my paper because it is about schooling, also the audience should be able to trust me because I am getting the information from actual sources that the audience will be able to believe.


Year-Round Schooling
Elizabeth Bakker
Ivy Tech Community College

This paper shows many different ideas of why year round schooling may be a benefit for the learning of students. The ideas are such as having students able to understand and focus better, having more time to work on projects which will help students understand the information of the unit better. Also this paper will identify allowing for better teachers so students will be able to understand information better. Having a year round schooling system will eliminate long breaks which will help students be able to remember, focus, and learn better. This paper also identifies the...

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