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Martin Luther King Jr. in his “letter from Birmingham Jail” uses ethos to establish that he is a credible source, pathos to relate to parents raising their children, and logos to show that segregation is amoral, combined with a good tone, people accept his actions were completely rational and absolutely necessary. King uses persuasion to get people to relate to his writings and accept his writings

Why I think you should do your own homework
by Brian M. Farley, PhD

The only sure-fire way to become a better writer is to sit down, clear your mind, and just fucking write. If we were talking about something more substantial, or perhaps something with constrictive formatting requirements and the requisite audience expectations, I could understand wanting to see some examples of how it's done before you start. But, here, we're talking about 250 words. This is roughly the number of words contained in a flippant, off-the-cuff Quora answer that requires no advance planning or forethought. It's an amount of writing that people will take about thirty seconds to a minute to read, so you barely need to have structure -- just flow your sentences together in a natural voice and you'll get to 250 words before you know it. By looking at samples and prolonging your preparation period (aka, procrastinating), you're spending way more time than you need to on an essay that is ephemeral, at best. Further, by spending so much time thinking about the thing (instead of just doing it), you're building it up to be a big, challenging hurdle instead of the straightforward task it is. Dwelling leads to more procrastination and its attendant guilt, which ignites a self-stoking cycle that's difficult to escape. 250 words is doable in 10 minutes; in the time you're likely to spend preparing for those ten minutes, you could probably write as many as a dozen 250 word essays, from which you could afterwards pick the best.

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