Yellow Rose of New York - Lucy Anthony

Yellow Rose of New York - Lucy Anthony

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Most people do not know how one mother?s unique support and love for her children, has shaped the entire world. Lucy Read Anthony had four daughters, Guelma, Hannah, Mary, and Susan. Everyday stresses and oppression of the 1800s did not keep her from being a strong motherly influence to all her children, equally. Planting yellow rose bushes, cooking, inviting in stray women, and teaching her children, were practically everyday occurrences for Lucy Anthony.

These tasks, however small to her, were monumental in the raising of an American pioneer. Her ethics were the backbone of her daughter, Susan?s tireless fight for women?s rights, and anti-slavery movement. Susan Brownell Anthony was a leading force in changing voting and slavery laws for many states in the US. Today there are several organizations, and safe houses in her name. Lucy Anthony?s daughters protested against taxes and unfair wages for women, and illegally voted, despite the risk of arrest. This commitment to equality is directly related to the bedtime stories, hot baths, and loving gazes of one mother, and her undying love for her children.

If she had not had children, or chose to bring them up differently, women may not have had the strong footing in American society that they are beginning to have. At the very least, women?s rights would not have been in the forefront until later years. Susan B. Anthony, and her close friend Elizabeth Stanton, along with few others, set the stage for women?s voting rights in 1847.

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