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Topic: People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons .Why do you think people attend college or universities?

Why do you attend colleges or universities? There are many different responses to this question. Some people argue that they want to increase their knowledge; others want to have new experiences or have a good job. In my opinion, I try to study in higher level to satisfy all the demands as bellow.

To begin with, I hope that I can have an abundant knowledge. The world around us is too wide to discover. Therefore, people are trying to invent more new things. We search not only for our curiosity, but also help our life better. For example, after Newton discovered the gravitational force, a lot of scientists have applied this theory to explain phenomenon, make different tools to serve people. If we don’t have enough knowledge, we can be backward. For instance, nowadays, the Internet is very popular, is known as the easiest way to connect us with the world, find news, and have good business … its loss if we don’t know about computer, Internet.

Secondly, I can get more new experiences when I attend colleges or universities. I will have opportunities to do experiments which are dealing to my knowledge. With the aid of teachers, I’ll know where I fail, how I can do correctly while I do the real job, I can be published by my failure. What I get in higher level will help me avoid all possible mistakes when I work. Moreover, when I live in a competing environment, I must strive to be in the top as well as study how to work in group, how to behave.

Finally, the most reason is having a good job. People’s life is more and more developed; a lot of inventions are discovered to serve people. Almost all industries, machines are replaced people to do heavy jobs. So numbers of unemployed people are increased. To have a good job, it expects higher standards. If we don’t understand how the machines work, we can’t make it operate. When...