Yes or No for Death Penalty

Yes or No for Death Penalty

Death Penalty 1

Yes or No for Death Penalty
Greg Peterson
Eng 122
Donn Leiske
August 25, 2008

Death Penalty 2

Yes or No for Death Penalty
The death penalty is one subject that seems to surface very often. This is one subject that will always create an argument between different personalities. There will always be the ones who burst out loud and yell, “Get rid of all of them. There’s no sense of letting them live!” There will also be the ones who are very forgiving and think that rehabilitation is the answer. They will argue that they can change and should at least give them the chance. In this paper, I plan on showing some different points of view from some research that I found.
The death penalty gets a lot of attention because it makes people think. It makes them think of the severity of the crime that must have been committed to be placed in this position. It also gets a lot of attention because of the use of the internet and television. We are so connected to everything that happens now, that very little is kept quiet. Every time the subject is brought up there is always those people who are strong believers for the death penalty and there will always be those who are absolutely against the death penalty.
I was in favor of the death penalty until I did some research on the subject. When a person is convicted for a terrible crime and sent to prison for multiple life sentences with no chance of parole, it makes me crazy. What is the sense of allowing a convicted killer to live...

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