Huelar, Melissa Sharmie L.
Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science I

How to make Friends Easily in your Teen Years

Friends are few and extraordinary. The greatest approach to make friends is to be one.
Many people find it hard to make friends. It really isn't, so get out of your shell and remember that if you love yourself, others will too. Especially being a teen, making friends can be hard or easy.

First, you have to feel relax. It is all about trust in you. You should be confident when facing or introducing yourself. You have to consider of good basis of why someone would like to be with you, think of the qualities you possess. Just relax so that people will like you.

Second, you have to make the first move. Do not be shy; it won’t be easier for you. Glance at someone that looks attractive. Say “Hi” and tell him your name, ask if how him are right now and be with them. If you know something about him or her, for example music, talk about that and besides music is one of the most interesting topics. Just ask what kind of variety he likes in a song and start a quiet and fun conversation. Be friendlier. You could ask him about his favorite movies, computer games, and fashion trends. You must be friendly to everyone. You have to step out of your comfort zone to take the chance to meet new friends.

Third, just be nice to them. How would you imagine him to like you if you are not nice?
You will be more comfortable if you share common interests. Just remember, true friends are hard to find. Smile! People are drawn to happy, positive people.

Fourth, be a good listener. Give interest on what he is talking about. Look him directly in his eyes and prove that you are interested on what he is saying. Nod or agree shows that you are really listening to him. If he sense that you are listening to him, he will enjoy with your company everyday.

Fifth, be yourself! Just be who you are, speak your mind and don’t be a poser for him, in that...