Yo Mama

Yo Mama

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By: Brandon Hoffman

Due Date: September 12, 2007

Gym Project

Chapter 1 was about being physically fit, well and healthy. Physical fitness is the ability of your body systems to work together efficiently. Health means the state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being. Wellness is a state of being that enables you to reach your fullest potential. When you are healthy, you feel good, look good, and you overall enjoy life more. The “Stairway to Lifetime Fitness” is a lifetime plan for fitness and activity. It involves six steps, physical activity, getting fit, self-assessment, self-planning, lifetime activity, and lifetime fitness.
Chapter 2 was about safe and smart physical activity. This includes realizing the weather you are playing in. If it is cold, windy, or wet, frostbite can occur. Frostbite occurs when your body tissue becomes frozen. When you are playing in hot temperatures, you need to drink lots of water, because dehydration is bad. When you have a minor injury, you should take a rest, use ice, compression, and elevate the hurt area, also known as RICE.
Chapter 3 was about knowing how much exercise is enough. Using the FITT formula helps find out how much you need to exercise.
Chapter 4 is about getting started in physical activity. To have a safe workout, you need to warm-up, workout, and then stretch. When you do physical activity, you need to wear comfortable clothing, dress in layers when it is cold, and wear proper shoes. When exercising with groups, always have a positive attitude, be encouraging, and be sensitive to your workout peers.

The sporting event I participated in was a Cross Country event at Towson High School. Before the even, our team warmed up as a team. We were getting our cardiovascular system ready before the race. I used my balance to do the quadricep stretch. After the warm-up, I listened to my iPOD, which got me pumped [mentally] for the race. I was getting myself hydrated for the race, by...

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