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Becleanu 1
Becleanu Paula
Professor Man
English 9A
31 Oct. 2003

A good time, but polluted

It was summer. And it was a hot day of July. I was at home and I was looking on the window when I

said: ”I want to do something! I was alone because my parents and my brother were at some friends. I didn’t want

to go because I considered that was a boring visit. But I realized that to stay home, alone, was more boring than


So I picked up the phone and call my friend, Diana. She was home with her sister. She was looking on

T.V. when I called her. Together we decided to go out somewhere. But where? We didn’t knew were to go but

guess what? We called all our friends and we asked them if they want to come with us to a picnic in the forest.

That forest wasn’t far away from the city. It was a good idea because all of them wanted to spend have a good

time. So we took some sandwiches, a big cake and orange juice and started our “little trip”. It was our holiday and

we wanted to be the best, the funny trip that we had. On our way to the forest we said jokes. It didn’t matter for

us that some people were looking strange to us. All we wanted was to a have a good time. We saw a poor man

who was sitting on the road. I looked at him and I stopped laughing. I gave him a sandwich and he thanked me.

But I forgot really quickly about that man and I continued my way with my friends.

Finally we got there and we looked at the forest. It was the perfect place to play something scared. But we

didn’t play anything. We walked through the forest, I and the girls started to sing. But...