You'Re Fired

You'Re Fired

“You’re fired”

Wanda Redding

University of Phoenix


Patricia Boyd

February 10, 2009

Call it what you want — being laid off or downsized, getting dismissed or fired, receiving your pink slip or your walking papers anyway you look at it, losing your job hurts. Job loss is one of life's most traumatic experiences. Despite what many people may think, losing a job can have numerous affects. One being, the loss of income and as a result can put a strain on ones financial future.
Because many people spend more time at the workplace then they do with their families, it makes sense that being fired can have emotional effects that match or exceed the feelings felt in divorce. I know firsthand what effects this can have on one’s confidence and self worth. I was out of a job for ten months. When I was let go of my job the first feeling was disappointment. I had felt that I had let my family down. I was embarrassed, worried what other people thought and then fear set in. Fear that I wouldn’t find another job in that field, fearful that we were going to lose our home and so forth. Where was I going to get another job? Would I be able to get another job? Those who are unemployed can experience financial, emotional, and personal problems in their lives.
The most common causes of losing your job are company layoffs or getting fired for not following company rules and guidelines. Problems within the company itself will also lead to terminations. Smaller companies may have to cut out the entire work force while larger corporations may just cut back on the number of employees in certain fields or areas. In today’s economic strain companies are having a hard time keeping afloat, as a result companies are downsizing, limiting their spending and cutting back in as many areas as they can. Some of these problems cannot be seen in advance, thus leaving countless numbers of people without a job, and more importantly, without a backup plan.
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