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you decide

John Smith
You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School
MIS-589-67871: Networking Concepts & Apps
Devry University, Keller Graduate School of Management
November 23, 2013
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In this paper I will purpose a solution to the ongoing issues with Leonard Cooper Charter School’s networking and print server. I will elaborate the entire problem, and offer a resolution to all issues, and what solution we need to overcome the school problem. The first step requires interviewing the stakeholders of Leonard Cooper Charter School to hear the problems of the current system.

Current Issues
The current issues that have been noted after meeting with the stakeholders are the following.

1. Print Server - collisions have become a problem. Network performance slows to a crawl when everyone is busy on the network

2. Slow network - They are not operating at a speed that is equipped to handle the objective of the business. They are working with 10 megabit connection and need at least 100.

3. . Connection Ports - Each of the classroom areas does not have a live network connection port, and they cannot add additional network devices to the classroom.

4. Weak cable infrastructure - There is an extreme bottleneck, and communication from one end of the building to the other is sporadic at best.


In order to resolve the print server issues, I recommend switching to a full duplex Ethernet network. In additional I recommend installing a print server and the utilization of RAID storage medium; this will correct the current queuing problems. Switched networks also employ either twisted pair or fiber optic cabling, both of which use separate conductors for sending and receiving data. In this type of environment, Ethernet stations can forgo the collision detection process and transmit at will, since they are the only potential devices that can access the medium. This allows end...

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