You didn`t ruin my life, did you? Since the day that you came, life became horrible. I thought you`re a blessing in disguise. I guess I was wrong. Fancy how we met somewhere.

You are a total stranger. I don`t know you, you don`t know me either. Why did a connection existed? (If ever there was.) Did you feel the sparkle? If you did, you might be a fool. I felt the spark and I`m reluctantly blurting out that I was a fool! We shouldn`t let the flame burning. I should`ve killed the fire before it even get started. What happened was a total mistake, something that should be thrown in the garbage because it`s a huge crap! It only made my life messy.

You distorted the image you had in my mind. Why`d you have to deceive me? Why do we need to play with each other? You came to my life unexpectedly. I didn`t know you`re just gonna be a player. If only you get me informed from the start that you want a game, I should`ve played like hell. Maybe if that happened we`re still both enjoying the game, aren`t we? If there`s something to conclude, it would be that we both lose the game. Nobody won, period, end of story, case closed.

You lied, you`re a liar! Why do you have to make things go complicated? Why do you have to act like somebody else when in fact, you can just be you. You can blame me for not telling you I want the simple you. You can blame me for not being me. Despite all the lies, there lived a glint. Despite infidelity, I still accepted you. I should hate, it`s just that I cannot.

You know what? I can still see the sadness in your face. I can feel your heart shouting. I`m no psycho or expert but don`t get me wrong. Your eyes show grief. You have a lot of fake smiles. You can still be real happy if and only if you`ll take away the so much pain in your heart.

You got my attention in a short span of time. You got me in a single moment. At first, I regret everything. But now, I`m step by step learning that you somehow became an angel to me. Because of...

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