young people revolution

young people revolution

I think we've finally reached a point where there is no argument (if you don't want to do it that's cool, but arguing, that's just crazy @ this point). I mean, over 50 normal college kids hitting a level where they are earning at least $100,000 a year.. in 2013. Dozens at $250,000, several at $500,000 & multiple at $1,000,000+. Oh.. & the "buy in" is you order $500 or $150 worth of premium nutritional products, FREE app & website. We're the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns, and endorsed by Chris & Heidi Powell.

We did over $220,000,000 in sales last year, up from $116,000,000. Our CEO is the nicest, most innovative man on the planet, I'd follow him into a fire, who has 6 kids under 6, owns the entire company with his sisters, no intention of "selling out".. Well, ever. We now have a product for everyone & launching READY to drink coffee & protein shakes, & NONE of our leaders leave.. Hmm wonder why. Holy shit right?

Student loan debt is the #1 debt in America, 90% of all my friends parents are still working, 3% of America own 97% of all the money. Kids are graduating college working unpaid internships, in the service industry, or taking more loans out to go to grad school, to get a "better" job. The educational system kills everyone's creativity... OH & almost everyone you know who's a millionaire is an athlete, movie star, rapper, or OWNS their OWN business.

WE are the most socially connected generation to ever walk planet earth, living in the worst economy since the Great Depression, marketing products EVERYONE already spends money on.

This status will get "likes" it'll get "shares" & there will also be negative comments about my opinions. & frankly I don't care. Because, it's the truth. Never be afraid to stand behind & believe in the truth. Also, any leader(s) that ever sparked change, did something great for humanity, maybe even created a REVOLUTION, they didn't seem to "care" about others opinions either.

Here's to everyone...

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