Your Job Future

Your Job Future

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Dear Pham Thuy Duong,

1.   Thank you for your application for admission to the Nanyang Technological University.

2.   We wish to inform you that you have been shortlisted to take an Entrance Examination before a decision on your application can be made. Please login with your application number and password to check your examination timetable and venue at

3.   You are required to indicate your attendance by Wednesday, 04 February 2009.  No hard copy of the examination details will be forwarded through post.  No changes of the examination centre and subjects will be allowed after the above closing date.  Candidates who did not indicate their attendance will be deemed as not wishing to take the entrance examination.

4.   You can check your seat number 3 days before the examination date through the same link above. The seat number will also be pasted outside the examination hall one hour before the first paper. No seat number will be allocated to students who indicated that they do not wish to take the entrance examination. You are therefore advised to re-login and check that you have indicated your attendance correctly at the same link above.   Should there be any changes to the subjects you are taking, the subjects reflected online shall be the final.

5.   No admit card will be issued.  You are required to bring along any identity card with your photo, name and date of birth printed on it as a proof of your identity.

6.   The syllabi for the above papers are provided at [pic]International/UndergraduateApplicants/afterapply/Pages/EntranceExamination.aspx. No syllabus is provided for the English paper as it does not require advanced preparation.  Please read carefully the instructions to examination candidates that are provided on the same website.

7.   No travelling or meal allowance will be paid to candidates attending the examination.

8.   You will only be...

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