Your Job Is Never Secure

Your Job Is Never Secure

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Persuasive Essay

Your Job Is Never Secured


University of Phoenix

Romanda Dandridge

Week 1

Your Job is Never Secured

Why do companies employ thousands of people and keep secrets from their employees? There are employment cutbacks within a company, but new applicants are still being hired. For this reason, the cutbacks seemed unnecessary. Dishonesty within a company can affect employees in several ways. Employment cutbacks are a result of dishonesty, legal responsibilities, and low census. This can have an affect on our finances, family, and economy. Do not think your job is forever yours because of the years of service you have completed.
“Downsizing” is a term used when a department is shutting down or when positions are being deleted. Dishonesty is to blame for downsizing without warning the employees of what is to come of their employment status. You would think that after working at your job for more than fifteen to twenty years, your job would secure. In other words it would not be in jeopardy of a layoff, based on your seniority. I also feel that it is the employer’s responsibility to keep workers informed of any upcoming and/or future decisions that could affect their job security. Sadly, this is not always the case. If the company’s plan for financial improvement is to save money by any means necessary, you should expect the unexpected. There was and incident at my previous job where some changes were made concerning staffing. It is a fact that some positions held by employees for many years were suddenly deleted. The people holding these positions were employees of the company for a long time. After realizing the positions deleted were still needed, these very same positions deleted were re-named and reposted with a lesser starting pay rate. The new-named positions contained more responsibilities and job duties than before. How “crooked” is this? Other employees working in the same
Your Job is Never Secure
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