Youth Market Spends More Time with Tv Than Online

Youth Market Spends More Time with Tv Than Online

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Europe-wide study shows that reports of TV's death as media channel are false. By Joe Fernandez

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Youth market spends more time with TV than online
TV is still the main media channel for teenagers but brands should make more use of online social interaction, a research study by Forrester has revealed. The research company conducted a survey of nearly 1,400 internet users aged between 12 and 17 across the UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden, which examined how content providers, advertisers and marketers can engage with teen audiences better. It found that teenagers' media consumption is inextricably linked to their use of social technologies. Importantly, they do this while watching TV, listening to music or

Umbro's a football brand
The recent feature on Umbro pTompted much debate online. The feature can be found at /footba]}-cu¡ture?-umbro's-madefoi-it/3007360.articîe and beiow are some of the comments It's a fantastic new positioning for Umbro. However, I expect the agreement with Manchester City to end in the near future given that the two brands now have completely different values and appear to be moving in different directions. While Umbro wants to resonate with the everyday football fan on all levels, Man City aspire to the elite level that Nike operates at, such as Man United. Interesting times ahead. David Lowe Over my last 20 years of buying football boots, Umbro has always produced quahty, well-made items, with the added bonus of the brand having a heritage of being in the game. Nike, on the other hand, represents cheap, America inspired, lightweight boots. Kevin Spencer Umbro is a real football brand and Nike is an American money machine that buys up sports. Nike boots in lime green and pink are for kids. Real footballers wear Adidas or Puma. Duncan Ken Great things are happening at Umbro. I am sure...

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