Youths are most influenced by what they see on televsion and films

Youths are most influenced by what they see on televsion and films

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Youths are the most influenced by what they view on televisions and films. How far do you agree?

Today’s millennials are undoubtedly the most tech savvy humans who have existed till date. With access to technology at the tip of their fingers, they are highly influenced by what they witness on media platforms. Television and films are imperative in their lives. If a youth is unaware of the latest gossip or new show, he is considered by peers to be living “under a rock”. As such, being up to date by catching all the latest movies and shows has become an obligation for youths. However, it is inevitable for this to leave a negative impression on not just their minds, but also on their personality as they ingress into adulthood.

Media is a big contributor towards the growing rebellious attitude in teenagers. We do what we see and this is highly applicable in the context of media’s influence. By being accustomed to seeing violence on television serials, Youths start considering it a norm and inculcate this very violence into their own lives, failing to see how their immature actions today can impact their future. According to a report in 2004, 66% of TV shows contain violence and 75% show violence without any remorse. Shows like the walking dead man have violence in almost every episode and although this is attracting Youths to the show, especially boys, it is also making them more pugnacious. Youths develop a sense of aggression in themselves as they begin to imitate what they see on televisions. However, this is harmful to their overall development as they began to get more violent themselves and lose their temper easily. This is a pure proof of how media is causing much more harm than providing entertainment.

On the other hand, Media is conveying important messages to youths. Living in a World where everything is focused on getting the best paper qualification for the best job, Movies can help to communicate important messages and meanings which...

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