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27. [pic]

28. The statement of cash flow reveals how a company spends its money (cash outflows) and where the money comes from (cash inflows); instead, net income tells one how much money a company generated and leaves out an important part…how much the business spent. In the case of Crosby Corp. the net income shows the company made $160,000 after taxes while the net cash flow shows $30,000; also, the net cash flow shows more detailed info to where the money came from and went.

29. I would say yes solely because of Crosby Corp’s assets. Asset based financial lenders play a essential role in financing the economy. They present their clients (Crosby) with cash by lending on such assets as: accounts receivable, inventory, investments.

Second, the human brain demonstrates extraordinary plasticity, the ability to
adapt to new environmental conditions. Although the brain may be the command
center of our bodies, it also responds to feedback from the senses and surrounding
environment, and changes as a result. One reason why children like Alex improve
after a hemispherectomy is that their environment changes when their seizures stop
and they no longer need antiseizure medications (powerful sedatives that make children
groggy). Before the operation, the internal environment of their bodies is
chaotic and their ability to respond to the external environment is dulled. After the
operation, their internal environment is calmer and their awareness of the external
environment enhanced. All the organs of our body—and all our behavior—depend
on intricate feedback-and-control patterns. We live surrounded by objects and
events, and our biological systems are geared to make adjustments that keep us in
tune with our surroundings.
This chapter introduces psychobiology, the branch of psychology that deals
with the biological bases of behavior and mental processes. Psychobiology overlaps
with a much larger interdisciplinary field of study called...