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How does Shakespeare use dramatic techniques to make act 3 scene 1of Romeo and Juliet exciting?

The play is set in Verona, Verona is a walled city in Italy. Outside the wall it is lawless which makes it extremely dangerous, inside the walls it is extremely claustrophobic, also extremely hot. Religion was very important, the catholic faith places prime interest in the family, hence loyalty to their families. There’s no hiding place from god, he would know everything an anything.

and Juliet’s first meeting was completely due to fate.
Their families hate for one another would have made it impossible for them to meet unless there was another force at work. Romeo was originally infatuated with Rosaline, a woman who did not belong to a Capulet nor a Montague family, and who would have nothing to do with Romeo. If the serving man of Capulet’s had not approached, Romeo would have never been aware that Rosaline was invited, which is the reason that induced him to enter the home of his enemy.

At first glance, the tragedy does not seem to be the fault of the apothecary. It seems more convenient to blame it on people who were more immediately involved in the tragedy, such as the parents or the priest. However, all those involved immediately were blinded by emotion and social pressure. It was almost impossible for either side of the conflict to end the warfare by themselves this was evidence’s death. The conflict was bigger than any single character on either side of the conflict for their deaths though one can blame their collective families.