Zara pom

Zara pom

Principles Of Management
Rehan Ali

Answer 1: - The most effective sales forecasting method of the three methods is the sales estimation method, which will allow Zara’s planners to continue their forecasts store-by-store according to local tastes and trends. Meaning for local will be that, the future sales would be predicted by analyzing the opinions of salespeople of a certain store in a city or town and in a particular country because every country has its own culture and peoples taste maybe also be affected by their religion.

Answer 2: - In order to make the business work there must be a plan and with that plan comes managerial skills that must be both efficient and effective. So in Zara’s case, as it’s a huge brand, there has to be a continuous supply in stock that means that there must be enough stock in case everything is sold out. The other most vital procedure, which must be carried out, is that the necessity for enough employees needs to be fulfilled as quickly as possible so everything is moved constantly between branch houses and the unit of production or factory. There must be a continuous distribution of garments. Also in order to cover up all the grand opening costs and to attract customer to the product, there must be low prices so everyone is interested.

Answer 3: - Designing a Pert Network for a Zara store opening requires its managers to identify the codependent phases of a project and the correct sequences of activities that lead to completion. PERT would allow making performance evaluation, review techniques and predict the duration of activities and forecast the complete date of a project. So in case of Zara, the time is of essence as they react to social trends that are changing by time. Critical path method techniques are used to guide project managers in making resource allocation decisions with respect to time. So as we start production we set up a time mark horizontally specifically for that and then within another...

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