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How to write an essay

Welcome back! So this time you want to learn how to write an essay do you? It’s fairly easy. Always remember that there are millions of ways to write an essay. However, the most common essay you’ll find is the 5 paragraph essay. These are found in….you guessed it, TOEFL, universities, basically any education institution. Once you learn how to create the standard 5 paragraph essay, you’ll be able to write essays of greater length (6, 7, 8 paragraph essays and so on). Remember, the limit of how many paragraphs an essay can have is up to the writer. Without getting into too many technical terms, let’s try to set one up following the guidelines below. But first, we must check out the basic structure of a 5 paragraph essay.

Definitions to know: Essay – a piece of writing with well-organized thoughts that usually consists of several paragraphs. These paragraphs flow smoothly from one to the next.
Thesis – The main idea of the essay. The thesis tells you what the main ideas are for each of the body paragraphs.
Transitions – words or sentences that help connect one paragraph or sentence to the next paragraph or sentence.

Step 1: Deciding on a topic
Not many people write just to write. Usually, there is some type of topic that is provided for your writing. Take whatever idea that is given to you or one that you put together and get ready to collect some ideas.

Step 2: Brainstorming
Now that you have your topic, you’ll need to figure out, “what is it you want to write about?” Take about 2 to 3 minutes and write down the first ideas that come to your head when thinking about your topic.

Ex. Topic: Sports

Brainstorming: balls, nets, people, fun, exciting, dangerous, bats, gloves, goals, nets, friends, fields, healthy, good weather, picnics, relaxing, watching.

Step 3: Organizing your ideas
Now you have a bunch of ideas that are all mixed together....

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