Recreational Class Price Sheet

Recreational Girls Gymnastics Recreational Boys Gymnastics Tumbling and Trampoline Tumbling for Cheer Acrobatic Gymnastics Kinder Gym Kinder Kids Parent Involvement *** Home school
*** Home school classes are recreational girls and boys gymnastics (Wednesday or Fridays before 1pm )

Monthly Tuition $73.00


Membership Fee
Current students pay a membership fee every August. New students, who enroll throughout the year, pay a pro-rated membership and tuition fee. Fees are charged according to time of enrollment. Pro-rated cost for the membership fee is as follows:

Multiple Class \ Multiple Student
$5.00 off tuition for additional class/student

USAA Employee & Military
$10.00 off membership fee – Per Family Member (Cannot be combined with any other discount)

Your child enrolls You pay: Valid thru: during these months: Aug, Sep, Oct $40.00 7/31/2014 Nov, Dec, Jan $35.00 7/31/2014 Feb, Mar, Apr $30.00 7/31/2014 May, Jun, Jul $25.00 7/31/2014 Membership must be renewed every August.
Each additional child receives a $10.00 discount. Maximum membership fees paid per family is $75.00 per year.

Payment Policy
Payments are due on the 1st of every month and are considered late after the 3rd. A $7.00 late fee will be assessed after the 3rd of the month. If a payment is not received by the end of the 2nd week, your student will not be able to participate in class until a payment is made.

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