Friday November 6th, 2013

RQ: Is a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development affected when raised in a single parent home?

Henslin, J. M., Glenday, D., Pupo, N., & Duffy, A. (2010). Sociology: a down-to-earth approach. (S. Glover, Ed.) Toronto: Pearson Canada Inc.
1. This textbook is from my Behavioral Sociology class. I’ve been using it for the past couple months. It was recommended by my professor.

2. This resource helps to identify social issues, such as a child’s development within a single parent home. The Chapter Initiation into Society focuses more on the behavioral side of the child’s development and how successful or unsuccessful the child will be in their future.

3. I’ve determined that this source is reliable because it is a textbook recommended by a college professor, as well, because the authors of the book have went to a University and obtain a PH.D. Also this textbook uses common lingo so that students can understand what they’re studying and it is a fairly new so all the information is accurate as well as great quality. Lastly, there are many references in the back of the textbook to prove that all the information in the chapters is reliable.
Jenkins, J. M., Dunn, J., O'Connor, T. G., Rasbash, J., & Behnke, P. (2005). Change in maternal perception of sibling negativity: within- and between-family influences. US: American Psychological Association 7(4), 533-541. doi:10.1037/0893-3200.19.4.533
1. I found this journal article on the St. Lawrence College database using EBSCOHost psycARTICLE. To search for this article I used the Boolean operator: Single Parent AND child AND Canada.

2. This article talks about all the negative factors that can be brought to a child’s life, including a divorce or separation from the parents. It focuses on how siblings can have a lot of negativity amongst each other because of a separation or divorce. It mentions that the stress level...

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