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============== Copyright 2004 - Procon Construction Systems ===============
15JUN07 - FR.EXE - Text Find and Replace Utility - v1.21

FR.EXE is a Windows' Console program designed to simplify "find and
replace" text changes in sets of Visual Studio Project files, other files
organised into directory trees, or just single files.

FR is primarily designed for programmers - who want to change class,
function or identity names in multiple source files; and web designers - so
that they can automate changes to the many files comprising large websites.


FR allows you to:-

* search case sensitively or insensitively,
* search for whole word or partial matches,
* search and replace control characters and non ASCII characters
using Escape Sequences,
* search and replace in both text and (some) binary files,
* include subdirectories in the search,
* use @File lists containing multiple find/replace pairs,
* parse MS Developer Studio Project Files to find target files,
* show changed lines and corresponding line numbers,
* specify target files with multiple wildcarded pathnames, or
* use @File lists of target files (with wildcarded pathnames for both
the @Files and the individual filepaths given in the @Files),
* run in TEST mode to just list changes that would be made, and
* function as just a text FIND utility.

FR.EXE does NOT support:-

* wildcards or "regular expressions",
* multiline find/replace,
* specific format binary file search and replace (e.g., MS Word files),
* multibyte encoded files (like Unicode),
* automated "undo" of changes made.

FR.EXE will automatically:-

* create a backup (Filename.ext.BAK) before changing any file,
* create a timestamped FR.LOG file detailing files skipped, changed, etc.,
* attempt to warn the user about...