Zoological Park

Zoological Park

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Animals in captivity

When a pop star, a racing horse or an old monumental house builds status in time and overcomes threshold value, they receive an untouchable super status. However,the status of an animal decides by a cultural group of people. Animals have been granted with equal rights of life and liberty as equivalent to man. India’s shastras have recognized animals elementary to human lives and has permitted their killing to appease the gods. Indian laws does not provide legal personality to the animals,they are considered to be the objects rather than the subject of human rights. In 1958, the Apex Court observed the mankind has realized the cow’s milk is the sustaining factor of life and from then the cow has to be legitimately worshipped and protected. There are not proper dwelling places for cows,they are beaten hard and has been left in societies by giving no special care. The dogs are hit with the stone and sometimes gets hit by the cars. If we are in a bad mood or getting late, what we do, we beat the stick so hard. Do we see a poor animal is being taken to hospital for a proper care of health or for a routine check up. Is it worth ringing the bell of the animal rights organization or zoo authorities. We live in a culture where the animals are considered to be the vehicles of gods and goddesses,but what we do?We practice the habit of poaching various animals for monitory gains. In almost all colonies,across the city,the shelters for animals are disrupted with no sterilization and cleaning environment. Do we volunteer to clean the kennels or practice voluntary animal welfare efforts,what we do is shoot the animals and feel proud of our heroic deeds.

The children from schools are taken on special visits to zoos. Instead of playing and observing the animals,they tease and hit the animals with stones. The monkeys get teased,crocodiles gets touch with the stones and all the animals gets disturbed by the annoying sounds. We teach our kids to wash their...

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