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In 1993, The World Zoo Organization and the Captive Breeding Specialist Group of The World Conservation Union published The World Zoo Conservation Strategy. That strategy defined, for the first time in a single document, the responsibilities and opportunities that the international zoo and aquarium community needed, in order to be fully involved in nature conservation. Conservation of animals being held in captivity is a huge concern to many people throughout the whole world. Groups such as P.E.T.A(people for the ethical treatment of animals) are fighting with zoos every day in an attempt to make the captive environment as natural as possible.

To quote The World Zoo Conservation Strategy; “The Strategy is aimed at all zoos and aquariums, however large or small, however rich or poor, and not just those that are members of WAZA. The strategy provides a common philosophy for zoos and aquariums across the globe and defines the standards and policies that are necessary to achieve their goals in conservation. The 2005 strategy will be of use and interest not to only zoo and aquarium people but to anyone concerned with biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.” I believe that this document is making huge success making the captive environment as natural and healthy as possible.

Another concern the conservationists have for zoos is the food being fed to the captive animals. P.E.T.A for has been surveying zoos and captive environments for many years making sure that the animals are getting the nutrition they need to preserve there life as much as possible. Mark Smith, a sponsor of P.E.T.A says that he and his colleagues, have made great efforts and have taken large strides to preserve the lives of especially the most endangered species left in the entire world, and the food they eat is at the top of his list of things to investigate and control. With groups like this, the zoos’ habitat is being kept to a full extent, natural and healthy.


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