Industrial training is a program of learning activities outside and it has become one of the compulsory requirements to complete the course. This is a program that helps to increase knowledge and provide in- depth exposure for practical trainees apart from training provided during the learning activities in education institutions. Students will undergo OJT either in government or a private company for one semester that is equivalent to 18 weeks. During the training period students will be exposed to a real working environment, students will have to take responsibility for every task given. Mostly students will be tested based on their communicating skills and their ways of completing task given perfect and neat according to the work ethics of the company.

Programs such as this, allows students to test their abilities in the field they took. Students will be able to learn about the working environments that are increasingly difficult nowadays. Students also have the chance to apply the knowledge skills regardless of theoretical or practical lesson learned during three semesters at their respective college. In addition, industrial training helps students to change their ways of thinking towards this programs as it helps to mature and discipline them in a matter of making decision during work and focus more on doing their job that requires great commitment to achieve greater success.


Each student at TAFE COLLEGE SEREMBAN must complete their industrial training in order to complete their course. It also have several requirements specified in each students to acquire at the entire skilled for Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, be advised that each directive or regulation should be followed as the rules and regulation have specific motives among the objective of the program is as follows :-

a) Expose students to real working environment with technical...