A Bad Call

A Bad Call

15 years after the marriage of John and Joanna, they are in their dream home in the middle of Europe. John has started a business there with his experience in doctoring. Their son Andrew is only ten and he already has high hopes, he wants to become an astronaut.

John comes home from work for the day. He walks in and sees Andrew playing with a ball. He walks up and says to him
“how’s my favourite guy” Andrew happily replies
“I’m just fine dad, never better”. John walks in to the kitchen to see Joanna (very happy about today). He says “good evening honey”.
“What’s that, it smells beautiful”. Joanna excitedly replies
“it’s your favourite, tuna casserole”.

She was watching the news while the dinner was cooking.
“I don’t like this new president they have. He seems to have a lot against white people and black people being together”.
“Everyone does” says John.
“But he’s different says Joanna” sounding a bit worried.
“he has really got something against coloured people”.
“Anyway let’s eat dinner and be off with it for the day”.
“That sounds good to me” says John sounding relieved.

The next morning John wakes up, has breakfast and is off to work. On his way he sees that everyone, even people he knows pretty well are looking at him weird as if they’re thinking who does this guy think he is. He eventually gets to work feeling a bit flustered though but everything is still pretty good. He walks in and says
“Good morning everyone. A lot of people are acting a bit weird this morning. It’s as if they don’t like me any more all of a sudden. Everyone in here is a bit weird as well. What’s going on?”

One of the guys replies
“didn’t you see what was on television this morning”. John walks over to the desk and turns on the television. He sees the president that Joanna doesn’t like. He says
“the segregation law is passing on a trial basis. White people and black people must separate. White people must stay in the east side of town and negroes must...

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