A Bad Luck

A Bad Luck

Holes is a story about a boy called Stanley Yelnats, who has bad luck due to a

curse of his great-great-grandfather. He is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile

detention camp for bad boys, for a crime he did not commit. Stanley and the other

boys at the camp are forced to dig big holes in the middle of the dessert every day.

Stanley realizes that they are digging these holes because the warden is searching for

something. During the story the narrator tells some stories to reveal why Stanley’s

family has a curse and what the Warden is searching for.

Keeping promises, perseverance to keep on trying in face of difficulty and

kindness are present in the book in the different stories of Stanley’s family.

An example of keeping promises is when Stanley’s great-great-grandfather, Elya

Yelnats, received a pig from Madame Zeroni, a gypsy, in exchange for a promise.

Madame Zeroni gave that pig to Elya because he wanted to marry a girl, he had to

take the pig up a mountain and sing it a song, and this would make the pig be fatter.

The promise was that after the pig grew strong he would carry Madame Zeroni up the

mountain and sing her a song she taught him. When Elya Yelnats took the pig to the

girl he was in love with, he became disillusioned so he didn’t marry her. After the

disillusion he took a boat to America, forgetting his promise to Madame Zeroni. Elya

marries and has a child in America and always remembers Madame Zeroni, who he

thinks has cursed him for his failure.

This quote is very important in the book because we can explain one of the facts of the

Yelnats bad luck. We can learn that we have to keep our promises, because if we

don’t we can be curse.

A case of perseverance is the story of Katherine Barlow and Sam. Katherine

was a school teacher and falls in love with Sam a black man, he was an onion seller, to

eat and for medical purpose. In those days racism was...

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