A Band

A Band

"Dad, I PROMISE I'll call you EVERYDAY" I yelled from my almost empty room to my dad downstairs.
"and Sweetie?"
"Yesss?" I said in a noticable annoyed voice.
"Please don't give your mom a hard time! she has enough in her hands, with having YOU around." he said in a playful sarcastic tone."
"HAHAHAHA, not funny" I spat.

"I'm gonna miss you kiddo..." he mumbled underneath his breath.
Leaving my dad was probably the hardest things ever. Even though he's wasn't my biological father, I've always loved like a dad. he was my step dad, his name was Adam but I've always I've always called him dad. I never really met my biological father, since he had passed away in a car accident when I was only a baby. Adam, came into my life when I was about 2 years old. I loved so much.

"Dad, I don't understand why I have to go.. I've got to love here SO much and I'm gonna miss Ariana!(my bestfriend since we were pre-k) I whined walking towards him while dragging my feet.

"Barbara Victoria Liz. be LUCKY your mom took that job or you wound't have a home." he spat.

"Honestly, you know hard it's going to be to start Junior year at a new highschool? and in a NEW state?!" I spat back.

"You'e a strong girl Barbie." he said in a cheerful voice.
"besides! You can visit me still come down to Miami during summer!"


I lived with my mom(Ruth Liz) and Adam(who was luckly staying in was staying in Miami) but unfortunately my mom had a new job promotion and needed to move to NJ leaving my dad and MY childhood behind.... so that's when I was fucked. Moving to NJ from from Miami, Fl wasn't something that I planned on, AT ALL.

---Time Elapse---

For the last 18 hourse drive, since I said my goodbyes to my dad, When we got to our new house, so I guess I was a little anxious. it was also late friday so I had the weekend to settle down with all my stuff going around. We pulled up to a small brick house and my mom turned off the truck. The moving van was already here and had loaded...

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