A Beat Sheet Breakdown of Seven

A Beat Sheet Breakdown of Seven

Name: Edward XU

A "Beat Sheet" Breakdown of "Seven"
Opening image:
The opening image of the "Seven" is that detective Somerset was wearing a tie, picking up his suit and wearing it. We can see a very careful educated figure in front of us. While, he met his new partner detective Mills who is a ambitions and arrogant young man. The latter one talked to Somerset in a not so polite tone.

Theme stated:
"Over the next seven days, detective, you'll do me the favor of remembering that." said Somerset. This is the words that Somerset said to Mills in the first time they met. It insinuated that something very serious will happen in the next seven days, and detective Somerset must not have a very comfortable retirement. So I think this can be the theme sentence.

In the first fifteen minutes of the movie, we can have a rough impression of the two main characters: Somerset and Mills. The former one is an experienced, calm and intelligent old detective. While the latter one is a impulsive and arrogant young cop. They met the first murder case together but got the different conclusion. Somerset thought that this is not a simple case so he didn't want to take it because he couldn't finish it in six days. While, Mills was willing to take it but was not advised because he was too young. During this set-up part, we can see the strong contrast between two hero's characteristics. We can also see the beginning of the serial criminals.

This part really confused me, because it's really difficult for me to find out the catalyst of "Seven". While, in my opinion, I think the second murder case is the catalyst of the whole picture. Because after the second murder case, Somerset was sure that these are the murders related with seven sins. Then they got a direction to search the cases, the real complicated story began from here.

Can they finally find the killer and figure out why he done those crazy things? This is the...

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