a beautiful mind

a beautiful mind

A Beautiful Mind


A beautiful Mind follows the life of a man by the name of John Nash. The setting takes place in 1947 at Princeton University, where Nash attends school for the study of mathematics. He meets several other mathematic and science colleagues, Martin Hansen, Richard Sol, Ainsley, and Bender, who all contribute to Nash’s inspiration to develop and publish his own original theory of dynamics. During his studies at Princeton, he also develops a close relationship with his roommate Charles Herman, an eccentric literature student who pushes Nash to reach his goals. After graduation, Nash takes on several occupations. One of which he teaches a mathematics class, and falls in love with a student, Alicia Larde, whom he marries. His other profession is working for William Parcher. His job is to decode patterns in secrecy in order to crack down on potential Soviet plots. This undercover job begins to haunt Nash, and cause him paranoia that the Soviets are after him. One day while giving a lecture at Harvard University, Nash’s paranoia gets out of hand and he flees from what he believes to be Soviet agents, but in reality it’s Dr. Rosen, a psychiatric doctor. Nash is sedated and taken to the psychiatric facility where Rosen tells Nash’s wife, Alicia, that Nash has paranoid schizophrenia.

John Nash is constantly finding papers and magazines to decode and piece together, trying to decipher any messages the Soviets are sending. It becomes his obsession to decrypt these sources of news and eventually consumes him. He has to deliver any findings he discovers, stamp them confidential, and place the letter in a secret mailbox that needs his personal entry code to access this territory. Nash becomes exceedingly paranoid that the Soviet agents are watching him to the point where he can’t even live a normal life. He’s easily agitated and persistently looking...

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