A Book Report About Ark Angel

A Book Report About Ark Angel

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Book Report

Timothy Aaron 10/24/08

Ark Angel

Anthony Horowitz

Published by the Penguin Group New York

2006 323 pages

1. (a) Alex Rider, the main character of the story gets put in a hospital because of a bullet wound. He is undisturbed for a couple of days, but then suddenly he is back in action mostly due to Paul Drevin, the son of Nikolai Drevin, one of the world’s richest men. The night before Alex is released from the hospital, some terrorists known as Force Three come in to kidnap Paul. Alex discovers this and pretends to be Paul, managing to defeat the four men and save Paul. Not aware that there was a fifth man still at large, Alex is hit in the head and knocked out. Alex wakes up in an abandoned tower, not knowing what will happen next. The next big event is that Nikolai Drevin invites Alex himself to stay at his castle, all out of gratitude for “saving” Paul. Alex enjoys his stay but only for a couple of days. Another major event that occurs is when Alex arrives in New York with the Drevins but the CIA manages to apprehend Alex and take him to their headquarters. There he is debriefed concerning Nikolai. Alex learns that Nikolai has strong ties to the mafia. They tell Alex that Nikolai may very well be “the biggest criminal in the world” but with his power, money and resources he has been able to avoid the authorities, until now!!
(b) These events all tie in together. Alex’s hospital stay leads him to be kidnapped, which then leads to his dramatic escape. Soon after that Nikolai invites Alex to stay with him. The CIA then apprehends him while Alex is staying with the Drevins. All these events build up to the climax and eventually to the conclusion.
2. (a) This story occurs in different countries and even in outer space. The countries are England, America, and Barbados. The time is summer 2006.
(b) It’s hard to place this story in another year, because of the technology that is in this story. Another place however is feasible...

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