A Boy from Tea House

A Boy from Tea House

A Boy From Tea House

I was too much surprised to see him. Really it was too much unbelievable day for me. I never expected it. How is it possible! I ask myself but did not get any solution.

My father was a government officer that he often transferred from one place to another. For that reason I also had to transfer myself to different school almost every year. Transferring different school I met many new people every years and I made few friends where I went.

It was about 12 years ago when I was in class seven. My father was the Magistrate of Comilla. As usual I admitted myself to Comilla Jilla School in class seven. We got into a government quarter in Comilla. The area was so nice that I listed the place in my favorite one. In that quarter other government stuff lived. From them I chose few friends but only a good friend named Joy, also read with me in Comilla Jilla School. He was so talent that he always stood 3rd or 4th in class. I started to pass my all the time with him. We always studied, went out for walk, played games etc all that things together. Just outside of our quarter a tea house was situated where we often passed our leisure time by gossiping. We discussed about our many problems, assignments, sometimes talked about girls or many other unnecessary things. The tea house was directed by a young man Kobir and 3/4 stuff aged from 16 to 25.

One day, Joy and I were solving a difficult mathematics in that tea house but we could not make it anyway. I, then, ordered for two cold drinks for us to cool our brain. A boy, perhaps was 16 years old, delivered us two cold drinks and we again tried to solve the math. Oh! It was so disgusting for us but we would submit the math on next day. When we were just busy with our problem, that stuff came to our table and gave me a paper contained something written on it. I was too much surprised to see the paper and could not say anything for a while. I just looked over the piece of...

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